Monday, December 5, 2011

I thought I would kick off this blog with a recap of one of my latest projects... holiday outfits for my twins... this was definitely a process, sometimes tedious, sometimes frustrating, but always (well almost always!) fun! Just after Halloween I got the brilliant idea to make a pettiskirt for my daughter for her christmas outfit, so I designed the rest around that idea. To go with the skirt was matching suspenders, for both the kids, a bow tie and driving cap for my son and a mini top hat fascinator for my daughter... so after a week of some hard work here is the finished product... and I have to say, not sure if I will ever make a pettiskirt again! I literally had nightmares about making one a few days after I finished (gather, sew, repeat. Gather, sew, repeat, etc., etc.).
Welcome Welcome!

This blog will document many many different kinds of crafts, done not by an expert, but by me. Share my journey as a self taught everything, it's not always perfect, but its real! Current project: up-cycled wool plaid skirt and shirt for my daughter... stay tuned!